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Light is one of the most important elements of style in interior design. With us, you will discover the best lamp shades to suit your space and your style.

Light fills rooms with atmosphere, conveys warmth and comfort. Lighting should not only be functional, for reading for example, but also a decorative element of any room that provides indirect and direct lighting. Every area in any space requires appropriate light sources, which must be tailored to the individual area. We have set ourselves to the task of implementing this philosophy in the design and style of our lighting solutions. A lamp shade allows you to play with the light and change its effect in the room. The lamp shade's function is to dim bright light and to focus the light on specific areas.In addition to the functional aspect of light, a lamp shade also serves as decoration. The choice of lamp shade should consider the arrangement of the area. It can however also be used deliberately as a point of contrast.

LUCERE - we realize with our lampshades light dreams according to your wishes and imagination