Lights for hotels must fulfill decorative and useful aspects

A hotel wants to look inviting, especially in its entrance area, and distinguish itself from other hotels in terms of appearance. Here, too, the lighting has a great influence on the outward appearance and appeal of the hotel. A beautiful atmosphere, where visitors are happy to linger, is created by large lampshades and chandeliers. In a reception area with low ceiling height, hotel lights and hotel lampshades are often used as ceiling lights. Wall and ceiling lights usually emit an indirect light to their surroundings, complementing any lighting concept and creating spaces to feel comfortable.
A well-lit hotel room is particularly important for guests, a pleasant basic lighting, as well as proper lighting at the bed and desk are essential for a pleasant stay. 

Hotel lampshades and hotel lights that will convince your guests

Today, modern hotel lighting makes very high demands on technology. Attractive hotel lighting should be reliable and low-maintenance, and last but not least, it should have a design that blends harmoniously in with the décor. 

At Lucere we work out a suitable lighting concept according to your ideas and your financial possibilities. We are at your disposal offering a wide range of services and individual advice. We attach great importance to energy efficiency and sustainability of your hotel lighting. We can offer a versatile range of fabrics and different materials for the production of individual lampshades. Would you like to find out more about good hotel lighting? We will be happy to answer your questions. For a first overview of our lights see the references section.