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Lampshades from the LUCERE manufactory

A lampshade ensures that your light attracts attention, emphasises a room, creates an atmosphere and at the same time provides enough light exactly where you want it. Furthermore, individual lampshades or entire pendant lights are an attractive eye-catcher for both visitors and residents, even when the room is bathed in daylight. The actual function of a lampshade is to dim and direct the bright light from a light source. This makes it possible, with little effort, to create an oasis of light where light is deliberately used as a creative tool. This creates spaces with an interesting mix of light, shade and semi-shade where you can unwind, take time to relax and forget the daily grind. Adding colour to the room and diffusing light - designer lampshades are as integral to an interior as lamps and lighting.
Thus, modern lamps not only have a practical function but also leave their mark on interiors through their colour and stunning design. On our website, you will find an attractive selection for all tastes to create a lighting atmosphere according to your own preferences. With lampshades from the LUCERE manufactory, the emphasis is not only on high-quality design but also on exclusive character, which helps to upgrade any room.

LUCERE - we create light-filled spaces customised to your ideas and wishes with our lamps and lighting - handmade lampshades Berlin.

It is our philosophy that lampshades and lighting in general contribute significantly to the cosy and inviting character of a room. Everyone associates a light-filled room with a cosy atmosphere, and a lampshade adds a high-quality and artistic touch to the purely functional aspect of the lamp. A glance at the different models of our products quickly shows how diverse modern lampshades can be, ranging from bourgeois to postmodern. We at LUCERE are convinced that our personalised lampshades and pendant lights are an important contribution to making a room cosy and homely. With a personalised fabric or silk lampshade, you can create light and gently change the atmosphere. Instead of lighting up the entire room with a switch, living room pendant lights allow you to create targeted accents and emphasise certain areas. Whether you use the lampshades as an optical contrast to the rest of the decor or let them blend in harmoniously with their surroundings. LUCERE lighting products - lampshades from Berlin.
A bright light perfectly highlights furniture and decorations and creates a special atmosphere in living rooms, bedrooms or other rooms. Apart from the purely functional light source, an ornate lampshade is important for the type of light while the design of the lampshade itself also sets aesthetic accents and upgrades the living space. Even when the lights are switched off, an individual lampshade becomes a real eye-catcher and for this Lucere has a large selection in different styles. Because we design and mould all our lampshades ourselves, an exclusive touch is guaranteed for all models. In this way, we distinguish ourselves from mass-produced products and create a unique atmosphere in every living room.