Premium design pendant luminaires and lampshades

Our contemporary designer lighting will impress you with its clear aesthetic design, modern functionality and high production values. When we produce our designer lamps and lampshades, we put an emphasis on sustainability and being environmentally-friendly and using resources responsibly during the manufacturing process. So LUCERE designer lamps are more than just a source of light, they are timeless lamps with real character and a high utility value. Every single designer lamp is handcrafted with dedication and skill. Only high-quality materials are used to manufacture the lamps – without exception. The fabrics we use are compliant with the B1 fire safety standard, so it meets the stringent safety requirements required for a modern lamp. As they are covered underneath, all of our lights are glare-free and provide the user with a pleasant and gentle light on all sides.
Of course our lampshades use the most up-to date technology available today, including modern LED lighting technology. The built-in LED module is dimmable and so provides pleasant and atmospheric lighting. Our designer lamps will complement the decoration of your dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms, as well as illuminating offices, hotels and cafés and represent quality made in Germany.
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