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With its clear and simple design philosophy, which is a feature of the “belluce” range of lights, the lampshade gets its typical appearance from its pleating and its elegant design will catch the eye in any room. The pleated lamps use fabric with narrow pleats, which is stretched out by hand over a metal frame in a process, which takes a lot of skill but gives them their slightly translucent quality and can create a variety of effects depending on the colour chosen, with the effect of slightly diffused lighting to the sides. Lighter fabrics allow the light to pass through easily, on the other hand darker colours are almost completely opaque. The colour and size of the pleated pendant luminaire should be selected based on the intensity of the illumination and the rest of the furniture in the room.
The light is given off downwards with no glare by a diffusor made of opal plexiglass and also provides diffused lighting, which creates a cosy and homely atmosphere. The high-quality pleated lamps use the most up-to-date LED light technology with a long life expectancy and with a choice of different levels of illumination. The pleated pendant lights have a built-in LED module and can also be dimmed using an external dimmer switch. An integration for comfortable control of the pendant lights by tablet or smartphone (Apple, Android) via Bluetooth or optionally with the Alexa voice control is also possible. The warm, white colour of the light creates a cosy ambiance and provides particularly pleasant lighting.