Lucestar pendant luminaire - fabric from recycled plastic

An elegant pendant light with a recycled textile lampshade for creating warm and dimmable lighting in the living area. Our pendant light "lucestar" has a timeless and high quality finish, the fabric used is 100% recycled polyester and thus meets our ambition to create sustainable, handmade and long-lasting living room lights. The fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified and thus produced completely without harmful chemicals.
The modern fabric light "lucestar" made of recycled PET bottles in different fabric colors effortlessly complements the existing furnishings and provides good lighting conditions in your living area. Light source is an energy-efficient and dimmable LED module. Integration for convenient control of the pendant light by tablet or smartphone (Apple, Android) via Bluetooth is also possible. The pendant light "lucestar" can be optimally used for decorative lighting and sets stylish lighting accents with state-of-the-art functionality and stands for sustainable quality handmade in Germany.

Every year 400 million tons of plastic are produced - 40% of which are disposables. Plastic is choking our environment and by collecting and recycling the plastic we can help to make the landfills smaller and last but not least, a little less plastic will end up in the oceans. It takes about 10 recycled PET bottles to make one fabric pendant light.

Please keep in mind that when displaying the products on your screen, deviations from the original color tone are possible.

If you would like fabric samples, we will be happy to send you your desired color. More information can be found here. Stoffmuster

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