Lamps and pendant lights for high ceilings and high rooms

Big apartments, lofts and galleries: Rooms with high ceilings are often somewhat more difficult to illuminate. Depending on the architecture of the living spaces, different lighting options are available. For high rooms, particularly large lamps are suitable, which we can manufacture individually for you and adapt to your requirements. With long lamp suspensions, they bring the light exactly where it is needed and illuminate the living space appropriately. Classic old flats have ceiling heights of over 3 metres or 4 metres. Therefore, lucere pendant luminaires for high rooms have a suspension of at least 300 cm. In large rooms, such as in an old flat or loft, a large pendant luminaire fills the free space below the ceiling well and thus also helps to achieve good acoustics. Their diffuse light serves as uniform and functional ambient lighting that creates the first impression when you enter the room. We have a wide range of large lampshades in different sizes and colours that create a pleasant room effect. Optimal are pendant lamps for high ceilings that radiate downwards and upwards. In this way, they achieve the required brightness and better accentuate the architectural spaciousness. For an atmospheric ambience of individual furnishings, floor and table lamps are available for appealing ambient lighting and thus complement the homely lighting concept.