Shade lamps and lampshades for living rooms

In the dark season, when the days become shorter, we need more light in our living spaces. In order to create atmospheric home lighting, you often only need new light sources in the home. It's not enough to have just one lamp in the room to create a beautiful atmosphere in the living room. Good lighting is usually not consciously noticed; it is only when the light is not harmonious that we notice that there is no pleasant atmosphere and that something is wrong. Good lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere and therefore also a certain quality of life. Umbrella lamps can be used to provide good basic lighting. It's not just the lamps we want to use that are important, but also the light source we use. Make sure you use high-quality lamps, for example LED lamps with a high color rendering index; do not use energy-saving lamps, as these lamps do not emit good light. Well-planned lighting in your own rooms can influence the style and effect of the apartment. Hanging lamps in the living area, for example in the form of a fabric umbrella lamp, highlight certain living areas, while ceiling umbrella lights illuminate the entire room.



Modern shade lamps for the living room

Shade lamps are available in our online shop in different sizes and colors. It is important that the shade lights in the selected color also match the style of the furnishings and the entire room. Our umbrella lamps are characterized by their clear shape and are available as hanging lamps, floor lamps or even as ceiling lamps. So if a shade lamp is used as a hanging lamp, you can create a cozy ambience in which you feel comfortable. LUCERE manufactures shade lamps from exclusive materials. Silk and cotton, sometimes printed or plain, are used to make the umbrellas. All lamps with shades are manufactured in our factory in Berlin.
In our range you will find a wide selection of umbrella lights for different areas. There is sure to be something to suit your taste, so feel free to visit our online shop. We look forward to your visit.

LUCERE umbrella lamps are high quality, sustainable and stand out from the everyday.