Lampshades sustainably manufactured by LUCERE

LUCERE specialises in the individual manufacture and series production of high-quality pendant luminaires and lampshades. We develop and realise modern luminaires tailored to your respective wishes and ideas, which create a special atmosphere in any room instead of simply illuminating it brightly.

All lamps are designed in our Berlin manufactory and handcrafted with great attention to detail, thus living up to our own claim of creating sustainable and long-lasting living room lamps.

We focus on sustainability and environmental protection in the production of our lamps and luminaires, which is why we only use green electricity from 100% renewable energy sources in the manufactory. The lucere website is climate-neutral and the CO2 emissions are offset by supporting the climate protection project - Forest Ecology in Germany.
We prefer to source our materials from the local region and up to 90% from Germany or Europe, so that production takes place under fair conditions and labour standards are adhered to. In the production of the wooden floor lamps we pay attention to sustainable cultivation, the oak wood used is of course FSC certified.
For selected lamps, we use fabrics made of recycled plastic (PET bottles) in different fabric colours that are OEKO-TEX-certified and thus completely free of harmful chemicals.
All luminaires are labelled in accordance with the EU's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (WEEE) and can be easily dismantled and returned to the product cycle.

We also want to contribute to climate protection in shipping by sending our luminaires in a climate-neutral way. For packaging, we only use materials that can be recycled and returned to the recycling system. To reduce the amount of waste, we only use plastics such as bags and pouches that we have received from other deliveries; other packaging materials are partially shredded and reused to conserve resources.

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Our customers include private individuals and companies who have individual lampshades made by us to match their interior design and give their rooms a special flair and charm. With our lampshades, we put living spaces in the best light, set specific accents to emphasise furnishing details and make the room cosy and homely. Individual lampshades and handmade pendant luminaires also provide optimal lighting in business and sales rooms, offices and exhibitions.

We use high-quality materials and textiles in the production of our lamps and luminaires. We use hand-woven, colourful silks or home textiles made from recycled plastic, as well as technical fabrics with special material properties for professional use. If you too want to let your rooms shine in a new light, spread more cosiness and a feel-good atmosphere, then you have found a competent and experienced partner in LUCERE. Discover our various handmade lampshades and let yourself be inspired.


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