Lampshades for your presence in the office advertising, on the sales floor or at the trade show

Light - and its shadows - Largely deterministic mine the atmosphere in rooms and the room's functions on this page. For example, living rooms have completely different requirements than lighting an office or a showroom. For adequate lighting, different factors are important: light intensity, light distribution, and color temperature. Ran thus the right choice of lamp and lighting as well as Their placement can satisfy all requirements of synthesis. We create lighting concepts for living, working and retail space and restaurants.

At lucere special requests are more than welcome. We work with our customers to develop unique lighting solutions nach Their ideas and expectations, helping to create a very special atmosphere. Off-the-shelf products can not Provide you with unique and creative solutions for your lighting needs. We work to find the optimal solution for your lighting needs within your budget. For a price quote, please contact us via our contact form.


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