Lampshades and pendant lamps of the series "pleated"

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A “Plissee” hanging lamp changes your rooms, giving them an unusual appearance.  Pleated lamp shades are finely hand-made,  with the panels being folded over the shade.  Light-coloured materials allow the light to shine through gently, darker materials on the other hand are almost entirely opaque. Umbrella lamps are particularly suitable for table lighting, but also for lighting a room, so also for good basic lighting of areas.  A diffuser hides the light source, so helps create sophisticated mood-lighting, so your rooms appear cosy, homely and elegant. Pleated pendant lights turn each room into something unique and an extraordinary atmosphere. With a classic pleated pendant lamp you can create an ambiance in your rooms, which makes it pleasant to spend time in them. The light created by the umbrella lamp is pleasant, cosy and also free of any glare.  The use of dimmable LED light sources is recommended with these umbrella lamps, so you can adjust their brightness as you wish and so experience periods of real relaxation.