Silk lamp shades with timeless style

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There are multiple ways to use lighting technology to design a room. Ambience, taste and the feel-good factor all play an important role in deciding which technology to use. The pleasant light from a silk pendant light, for example, quickly makes it the darling object of any room. Lamp shades made ​​of silk set sparkling accents and fit into the smallest spaces. Silk lamp shades are suitable for large rooms, conference rooms, exhibition spaces or hotels. They are most suitable because they can disribute light both directly and indirectly. They can also be used to light up workplaces. Because people spend many hours a day at work, the choice of lighting plays an important role in promoting efficiency and motivation at the workplace. If you choose a silkj pendant lamp for its luminousity features, you have chosen a very modern lamp, which not only impresses with its timeless yet contemporary style, but also through its relevance and individual performance in a space. Silk is luxurious because it is one of the finest natural products of our time. Beause it is a natural product, silks knobs, thick threads, variable color and loose and shiny threads are not errors, but the unavoidable characteristics of the fabric's authenticity and its handspun and hand-woven character. Silk lamps are the best way to equip rooms with a beautiful lighting and are available in many different colors and sizes. Enjoy and shop through our wide selection of handmade silk lights.