Fabric lamp shades serie "orbis"

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For living rooms, fabric pendant lights have now become indispensable. Particularly elegant and stylish fabric lamp shades are make a modern impression in any room. They can be used as a purely decorative item or as direkt light sources in to the rooms or need .Fabric lampshades are favored in living rooms because colorful lamp shades provide a nice atmosphere when used as a light sources. We use a fine cotton chintz fabric for the lamp shade series "orbis." The lights are distinguished by their clear and massive shape and color and are particularly suitable for illuminating large spaces with high ceilings or for use on table lamps. We offer different colors and sizes. Fabric lamp shades are the best way to equip rooms with a beautiful lighting and are available in many different colors and sizes. Enjoy and shop through our wide selection of handmade farbic light shades. If you can not find the appropriate size on our website, please contact us.