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Create a pleasant lighting atmosphere with a fabric lampshade

In a living space, the presence of a light source is a must. In the field of living room design, however, light is no longer considered merely a means of creating brightness. Quite the opposite - in living room design, fabric lampshades used are a way to add atmosphere, cosiness and comfort to a room. Our fabric pendant luminaires can bring certain areas of the room into the foreground and thus emphasise them, or they can create a warm and pleasant lighting atmosphere that invites you to linger. Feeling comfortable should be the be-all and end-all in a room. In this respect, a fabric pendant luminaire achieves an overall impression that is adapted to the demands of the respective customer as well as to the conditions of the premises. In today's living area, the living room has become one of the most important rooms in which we place special emphasis on furnishings and an appealing atmosphere. Not only furnishings, but also fabric lamps and their light are an important part of an attractive interior design. Our fabric lampshades have an essential part in the light character of the room.

Fabric lampshades provide atmospheric ambient lighting

Large fabric lampshades or a fabric pendant lamp are particularly suitable for general ambient lighting, so that adequate room lighting is achieved even in the evening hours or at times when artificial lighting is needed, such as in winter. Of course, fabric lampshades can also highlight different areas in the living room. In addition to sufficient basic lighting, a good mood and living atmosphere is achieved by highlighting certain living areas, especially with a fabric lampshade, details are supported in colour and discreetly at the same time. The large selection of different fabric colours in our textile lamps makes it possible to better match the colours of the interior design.
Fabric lampshades have long been used not only for brightness in rooms, but fabric lamps have increasingly become a design element. In a living room, both direct and indirect lighting are recommended, which is also relatively easy to implement. Different light sources, such as floor lamps with fabric lampshades, table lamps and wall lamps, help to provide good ambient and accent lighting. With a fabric lampshade, which you can buy in our online shop, your rooms can be atmospherically illuminated. Whichever fabric pendant lamp you choose, you should also pay particular attention to the right choice of light source. To ensure sufficient brightness, we recommend using strong LED bulbs that can be dimmed. In our category illuminants, we offer you a sufficient selection so that your rooms also shine anew with our lights. Our manufactory from Berlin offers a wide range of handmade fabric lamps in numerous versions and designs. The shapely fabric pendant light sets stylish light accents and stands for quality handmade in Germany. Let yourself be inspired with a new fabric lampshade for more comfort in your own four walls.