Large XXL lampshades for trade and gastronomy

große XXL Deckenleuchten Lampenschirme Riesenlampe Eingangshalle Hotellobby Gewerbebeleuchtung

große XXL Lampenschirme Deckenlampen Pendelleuchten, Lampen für Hotel Lobby Veranstaltungsräume

große XXL Hängeleuchte Pendelleuchte Hängelampe Lampen für Restaurant Gastronomie

große XXL Lampenschirme Pendelleuchten Lampen Hotel- und Gastronomiebeleuchtung

Designer-Pendelleuchten XL, XXL, Riesen Deckenlampen, riesen große Pendelleuchte, sehr große Pendelleuchten

große Pendelleuchten, Stehleuchten Lampen für Hotel- und Gastronomiebeleuchtung

große XXL Deckenlampen für Restaurant Cafeteria Gewerbebeleuchtung

große Pendelleuchten Pendellampen Gewerbe

große XXL Lampen Pendelleuchten für Gewerbe und Gastronomie

In close cooperation with interior designers large lampshades are designed from translucent materials in harmony with colored fabrics that provide the necessary lighting in the room. A disperser (lower cover made of white acrylic) emits a subtle diffused and soft light downwards. With their clear design, large lampshades set a contemporary accent in interior design and can thus act and inspire as a dominant lighting and illumination object.
nder the heading references, you will find some examples that underline the attractiveness of large lampshades and pendant lights. Large lampshades are increasingly used for trade shows, in catering and in the hotel and lounge area because it is there that the large shades can make a compelling impression in the interior design of the place. Coming in different shapes, colors and designs, the lampshades accentuate a room and provide surprising standards in interior design. The atmosphere in a room is essentially formed by the furnishings and by the light, in order to create a suitable atmosphere during the day and in the evening dimmable lamps offer the possibility to put your rooms into the right light. To achieve good energy efficiency and cost reduction, our large fabric lampshades and pendant lights are equipped with LED modules and suitable for the use of LED bulbs. The use of LED modules with long service life in the large lampshades has a cost-reducing effect and also helps protect the environment.
To put a large room in the right light, with a colored lampshade XXL, as a pendant - or ceiling light, additionally emphasizes the color concept and successfully offers a corresponding feel-good light. Atmospheric lighting is achieved with a harmonious arrangement of lampshades that contrast stylishly with the room. Large textile lampshades from Lucere guarantee a glare-free, low-shadow and soft light, thus achieving a perfect illumination of your rooms. After all, only atmospheric light creates a pleasant atmosphere.

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