Living room lights for an inviting home

No other room has so many functions to fulfill as the living room, because here is the center of your home, where you receive guests, where you read and where you relax. To meet these requirements, ideas are needed for the design of the proper illumination by living room lights. Light and lighting play an important role in this. Modern living room lights are not only designed to provide sufficient light, but above all to provide the right light. Here, some important rules need to be followed.
You should carefully consider what and where a living room light is needed, in order to create an inviting home. This can be over the dining room table, near the desk or at the couch. There are many ways to create a pleasant lighting. Floor lights, wall lights and pendant lights are just a few examples. It is important that the living room lamp is adapted to your needs. Different materials such as fabrics, silk or other textiles evoke different effects. We manufacture lampshades in many colors and sizes to choose from, so you get different design options for your living space

Modern living room lights for large living rooms

For the lighting in a large living room a large, central and bright living room pendant lamp should be chosen. It is suitable for illuminating the room as a whole. A living room light the lampshade of which features a diffuser, will guarantee glare-free light, since you will not be dazzled by light bulbs. Reading lights for a desk are recommended if you want to focus on specific tasks at your desk. These lights usually have a bright and focused light, which is good for concentration. They illuminate only a certain area and should be positioned in such a way that no shadows are cast, for example, by your hand while writing.

Suggestions and ideas for living room pendant lights, you can find in our online store

A warm light source is helpful when the TV is on in the evening or friends are visiting. Subtle and glare-free lighting from a living room light makes it easier to achieve a pleasant atmosphere. The intensity, that is, the light intensity of the living room light and the light color of the bulbs used should be chosen to create a sense of well-being. For lampshades in a living room, you should choose dimmable bulbs which will make it easier to relax or read and is less stressful on the eyes. A floor lamp is designed to provide light in the evening and is preferably used to illuminate only part of the living room. A warm light is preferable here. It creates a calm atmosphere and is hardly blinding. At the same time, you should make sure that it is bright enough to see the surroundings. Our manufactory in Berlin offers a wide range of handmade living room lights and living room pendant lights in numerous finishes and designs. The elegant living room lights set stylish lighting accents and stand for quality handmade in Germany.
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